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About Us

The idea for Design Purchase has evolved after forty years of personal experience in delivering refurbishment projects for a family-run business, The Cottage Hotel. As with any business, large or small, the key to the success of a project is efficient sourcing and tight cost control. Going back in time, project planning would be paper-based, but with the arrival of new technologies it was improved by the use of electronic documents, spreadsheets and design applications. It is the intention of Design Purchase to take this to the next level, using cheap computing power and the concepts of "big data" to give the user near real-time design and product options.

We believe Design Purchase is the only value-for-money system on the market today. Working with a range of suppliers and manufacturers to continually update our central database with a wide range of product options and variants, our unique software is designed for ease of use. The system is optimised for simplicity and is intuitive to use: a new user should be up and running in minutes. However, if needed additional support is always available via our premium online request service.

Our service is designed to support the full lifecycle of your project from initial concept design, through detailed planning to finally completing the costing, sourcing and scheduling. Users can choose to be prompted with product options, based on the supplied design parameters or indeed add their own known items to the project to complete the required layout. Once finalised, Design Purchase can also aid the procurement process in ensuring all materials are ordered and supplied in line with project timescales.

With a purely on-line presence Design Purchase has been able to keep its overheads (and thus prices) to a minimum. Operating from a dedicated office within our existing business, Design Purchase have a team of staff available to ensure the smooth running of your project and ensure any problems are quickly and professionally dealt with.