Controlling your costs

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Further Information

What is Design Purchase?

The most important part of any refurbishment or development is the costing. You need to know at all times how much it is going to cost and how much you are spending. Professional project managers can afford to purchase and learn elaborate and complicated project management systems but most people do not have the time. Design Purchase was created for them.

Design Purchase was created and grown around a major hotel redevelopment so the system has been tested on a live project. But it is versatile enough to be used for any small- to medium-scale project.

How Design Purchase is constructed

Design Purchase is entirely web-based so you can design and edit anywhere where there is an Internet connection. The site design is responsive which means that it can be used on tablets as well as full-sized computers. All you need is a modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, or Internet Explorer from version 11 onwards).

Terminology – the terms used in Design Purchase

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