Controlling your costs

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Suppliers and Products

We have listed a number of suppliers on our system with their products which are kept up-to-date to make inputting easier for you. We will be adding to this list on a constant basis; however at any time you can add any supplier you want with their products costs if they are not already listed.

Suppliers wanting to list their products on Design Purchase

Large companies who can provide their product list as a XML feed, please email or phone us so we can add your products to the program.

Smaller companies wishing to manually input their products to our suppliers' list, please register below:

Various product advertising opportunities are available via our platform. For further information on advertising on Design Purchase please follow this link.

Supplier registration/login

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Suppliers presently in our database

Note: this is an example of what will appear here once the site is up and running.

Company 1 Sample1
Sample1 produces products for the kitchen area. They presently have 250 products in our database.
Company 2 Sample2